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Prop 106 would allow Colorado doctors to write a suicide prescription for a consenting person who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness with six months or less to live. But as 9 NEWS in Denver points out, the measure “requires the patient to self-administer the drug to end their own life.”

That’s why it’s called Assisted Suicide. A doctor is required to write the prescription. but then patients are on their own. No doctor or trained professional to prepare or administer the deadly medicine. And none required to be there when the patient passes.

That’s just one of many major flaws in Prop 106.

The fact is, this measure is so flawed it is best evaluated by considering the critical details left out, not the handful that are included.

That’s why more and more Coloradans are increasingly skeptical about Prop 106 and more likely to vote No on this fatally flawed measure: 






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