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Physician-assisted suicide a continued threat

Physician-assisted suicide is an issue that’s not going away and all people of good will—not just Catholics—need to be aware of its tragic consequences.

That’s the message the Colorado bishops are sharing in the wake of the defeat of House Bill 1054, “End-of-Life Options for Terminally Ill Individuals,” which sought to legalize physician-assisted suicide in the state.  (Read more about this at

Outside interests are currently funding an effort to get Physician-Assisted Suicide laws added to our ballots here in Colorado. To do so they are paying people to collect signatures in our communities throughout the summer. We need everyone to know they should not sign any petition that would put physician-assisted suicide on the ballot in November. Be reminded, often signature gatherers can mislead the public about the details of each law, using words such as “compassion” and “choice”. It’s important that we alert our communities that physician-assisted suicide is a dangerous proposition that we should avoid.