Steubenville of the Rockies

Steubenville Registration 2020


Steubenville Registration 2020

  • Please note: The Archdiocese does not accept individual registrations. You must register through a parish group.

    Youth - $220
    Chaperones - $220
    Priests - Free (Priests are asked to participate in 2 sessions of reconciliation)

    * Two nights accommodations and 4 meals included with your registration fee.

  • Please use the "Tab" key or click with the mouse to move to the next field.
    Do not hit "Enter" until you have completed all fields.
    Start your registration by filling in the following information:
  • This is the person who we will be in direct contact with regarding your group's registration information.

  • This is the daytime phone number we will use to reach you regarding your group's registration information.

  • This is the alternate phone number we will use to reach the Group Leader regarding questions about your group's registration.

  • This is the email address we will use to send and receive communications regarding your group's registration and information about the conference.

  • IF DIFFERENT THAN THE GROUP LEADER (Trip Organizer), this is the person who will be the leader in charge of your group ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE The on-site group leader is responsible for sharing the online liability link for each participant in their group.

  • This is the cell phone number we will use to reach your on-site group leader at the conference. This number will be used for emergencies and important updates only.

  • This is the email address we will use to send information about the conference, including weekly countdowns with important information and updates.

  • Now it's time to enter the registration numbers:

  • Youth participants must be entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades in the fall of 2020 or have been a 2020 high school graduate.

    Youth Participant fee: $220 per person.

  • Chaperones must be age 21+ and may include religious such as seminarians, deacons, religious sisters, etc.

    Chaperone fee: $220 per person.
    If you are registering 14 or less youth you will need at least 2 chaperones.
    For every additional 7 youth, at least 1 chaperone is required.

  • Priests are free when they participate in 2 sessions of reconciliation. If your priest is attending as a chaperone and will not be able to assist with reconciliation, please enter them as a paying chaperone.

  • Please send your deposit upon completion of online registration.

  • $0.00
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have problems while completing your online registration, please call our office (303-715-3178) BEFORE submitting your form.