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TreasuresIn the Spring of 2015 Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila announced that the Archdiocese of Denver would be moving confirmation before first communion, thus restoring the original order of Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist as it was in the early church up until 1910. The announcement was made via the pastoral letter you can find below.

In addition to the pastoral letter we have produced a number of videos that support and offer insight into the history and theological reasons for this change.

Check out the Restored Order videos below:

Restored Order Documentary

Join Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila and other prominent theologians, religious, educators, parents, and Church leaders in this in-depth exploration of the beautiful history and deep richness of the Sacraments of Initiation as they are restored to their proper order: Baptism, Confirmation, and first Eucharist.<br />

Leader Appreciation Breakfast

Archbishop Aquila gives an engaging and candid talk to parish staff about the upcoming restored order in the Archdiocese of Denver.

Service Projects

An Excerpt from the Leader Appreciation Breakfast talk in regards to the role of service projects when confirming children.

Order of the Sacraments

An Excerpt from the Leader Appreciation Breakfast talk on the order of the sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation and first eucharist)

Post Confirmation Catechesis

An Excerpt from the Leader Appreciation Breakfast talk on what we can do to educate the children in the faith once they have been confirmed.

Restored Order & Parents

An Excerpt from the Leader Appreciation Breakfast talk on the role of parents in the restored order.

21 answers

21 short answers in a youtube playlist taken from the full length talks given by Ryan Hanning, Anthony Lilles and Scott Powell at the 2014 Catechetical Congress hosted by the Archdiocese of Denver's Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries.

Anthony Lilles full length talk

Anthony Lilles speaks of the early church and the original order of the sacraments as well as where we are now as a church and what can be done to help our young people better know Christ.

Scott Powell full length talk

Scott Powell talks about what it means to be an authentic disciple in todays world mixed in with some excellent bible study.

Ryann Hanning Full Length talk

Ryan Hanning speaks of his experience as a father and DRE in the Diocese of Arizona when they restored the order of the sacraments of initiation.