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I'm a Parent

Youth Ministry

Dear Parents,

It is our hope that through the various youth ministry programs and initiatives offered in the Archdiocese of Denver, your child will encounter God at a very real and personal level.

Our various retreats and conferences are designed to solicit a discipleship response in your child, to stir up a desire to live for Jesus Christ as He lived and died for us. Here is where your role as primary educator for your child comes into play.

We encourage our youth to participate in the healing Sacrament of Reconciliation and receive the opportunity to be in total union with God our Father (Catechism 1422-1490). We are also a Eucharist church and in the Eucharist we know that your child will receive strength and healing in our Lord Jesus, sacramentally present. By participating in a Archdiocese of Denver Youth Ministry event, it is our hope and prayer that your child will be blessed and enriched by these gifts from God that shower His graces down from Heaven.

As a parent, the question we have for you is: “What will you do to help your child continue to live in this state of grace?”

What a fantastic opportunity you have as a parent to foster your child into an ongoing relationship with Christ!

Hopefully, you, too, have experienced the healing power of Confession and the strengthening gift of the Eucharist in your own life. If it has been awhile, most parishes in the Archdiocese offer weekly Confession times, and priests are always willing to make appointments for this healing gift.

Your example in continually developing and living out our Catholic faith will help your child to continue to grow in love with our God.

Here is where your role as primary educator for your child comes into play.

Below are a series of questions, and a list of resources for additional study, that we encourage you to share with your child.. Over shared dinners, rides in the car, or conversations while shutting down for the night, pray with your child for the the continued blessings of this weekend to bear ongoing fruit in your child, in you, in your family, and in the world.

Questions for Discussion

  • How did you feel before and after you went to Confession?
  • How often do you think we should go to Confession as a family?
  • Read John 6:25-71 (The Bread of Life Discourse) and talk about what it means that Jesus is sacramentally (truly) present in the Eucharist. How can the Eucharist strengthen your family?
  • How can we as a family grow closer to God, knowing we each have our own spiritual relationships with Him?


Looking for great faith resources you can use as a parent and share with your child?

  • Your local parish website for Mass and Confession times.
  • Catholic Podcasts on iTunes
    (Including locally produced shows: Greg and Jennifer’s Adventures in Imperfect Living, Catholic Stuff You Should Know, Word on the Hill with the Lanky Guys, and homily podcasts by local priests and Archbishop Aquila)