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Summer camps are BACK in full swing at Annunciation Heights, the Archdiocese of Denver’s youth and family camp near Estes Park.

This adventure camp offers faith-filled getaways surrounded by God’s beauty and a chance for campers to reconnect with nature and the Lord. It is one of more than 40 ministries supported by the annual Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal.

Megan Kearney has attended the camp twice with her family of five. Some of the time spent is typical of other summer camps filled with fun songs, outdoor activities, and meals together, but Annunciation Heights takes it a step further to provide programs designed to draw families closer to each other and God.

Before her family attended, Kearney said they didn’t know what to expect.

“You dive into areas you don't naturally do in everyday life.”

Megan Kearney

“It was more programming, than we thought, but that turned out to be a great thing,” she said. “You dive into areas you don’t naturally do in everyday life.”

One of the most powerful activities was the Reconciliation night when family members apologized for wounds that may have given each other over the years, said the mom of two teens and a pre-teen.

Another highlight of the camp experience is the time spent with the volunteer missionaries, young adults who spend a year working at Annunciation Heights leading the youth camps for school-age kids and participating with families.

“It was great having the missionaries leading us,” Kearney said. They have a lot of energy and great excitement about their faith and they’re great role models for kids.”

The mom said if families are considering attending Annunciation Heights, they shouldn’t be uncertain.

“Absolutely go, don’t hesitate — it’s good, intentional family time.” she said.