A list of parishes hosting this event will be available soon.

You can livestream the event here:


The vigil will begin with the lights dimmed, and the faithful carrying candles as a statue of Our Lady is processed in. The event will include prayer, adoration, and preaching.

7:30 PM Entrance Hymn– Song: Fatima Song. The procession will feature a replica statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & Rosary– Exposition will immediately follow the procession. Then the rosary will be led by two people, in English and Spanish. A short welcome and introduction will precede the first mystery; we will meditate on the Glorious Mysteries. The first, third, and fifth mysteries will be recited in English; the second and fourth will be recited in Spanish.

8:00 PM Preaching & Silent Adoration- Fr. Ryan O’Neill, the Director of Vocations, will preach for 15 minutes on Our Lady. The preaching will serve as a preparation for the consecration. After the preaching, a period of about 10 minutes will be set aside for silent adoration.

8:30 PM Message from the Archbishop– Before leading the Archdiocese in the Act of Consecration, Archbishop Aquila will make a few comments.

8:45 PM Consecration & Benediction – At 8:45, the Archbishop, together with all the parishes in the archdiocese, will recite the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. After the consecration, a song of thanksgiving will be sung: As I Kneel Before You. Benediction will follow.

9:00 PM Recessional- Song: Hail, Holy Queen



Beginning Sept. 21, the archdiocese will release twice-weekly preparatory aids that will follow the structure of Learn, Pray, Imitate. It is important to learn more about Mary and her virtues, so we can imitate her in our daily life. Mary is the Christian par excellence. If we want to follow Our Lord, it would do well to follow the example of Our Lady.

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