Newly Engaged

Dear Newly Engaged Couple,

Congratulations on your engagement! It brings me great joy to see couples commit themselves to each other in marriage and it fills me with hope.

The process of engagement is one of discovery and preparation that is meant to help you build a solid foundation for your marriage, so that it lasts a lifetime.

For that reason, the Church has developed a set of classes to teach you about the joys and challenges of marriage as Christ intended it. These classes will explore the meaning and purpose of marriage, the gift of sexuality, natural family planning and provide you with tools to ensure a healthy, joy-filled marriage.

Before this preparation begins, I encourage you as your spiritual father to make your personal relationship with Christ the foundation of your relationship as a couple. If you love Christ, you will love each other better. And if you love each other well, your marriage will be a happy, joyful witness to the world.

May God the Father bless you during this time of preparation and fill you with his love, and may the Blessed Mother help you grow in intimacy with her son!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L.