Office of Hispanic Ministry

The Office for Hispanic Ministry acts on behalf of the archbishop to promote the participation and integration of Hispanics in the life of the Church. This is accomplished by providing pastoral assistance to parishes, training for the ministry and advocacy. The office’s mission is accomplished in the following ways:

  • By providing pastoral ministry assistance to parishes requesting it

  • By providing ministry training and support for the pastoral needs of Hispanics where needed

  • By advocacy for the integration of Hispanic Catholics into their rightful place in the Church of the archdiocese

  • By assisting in the implementation of the archdiocesan Hispanic pastoral plan at all levels.


Hispanic Ministry & Centro San Juan Diego

Executive Director
Luis Alvarez
303-295-9470 ext. 102

Executive Assistant
Laura Becerra
303-295-9470 Ext. 100

Director of Operations
Jennie Marquez
303-295-9470 Ext. 104

Outreach Coordinator
Cristina Saucedo
303-295-9470 Ext. 116

Pastoral Services

Alfonso Lara
303-295-9470 ext. 111

Hispanic Ministry Administrative Assistant
Alexandra Wright
303-295-9470 ext. 115

Hispanic Youth Specialist
303-295-9470 Ext. 112

Hispanic Young Adult Specialist
Gabriela Pasillas
303-295-9470 Ext. 101

Charismatic Renewal Movement Coordinator
Abram Leon
303-295-9470 ext. 103

Family Services

Juan Carlos Reyes
303-295-9470 ext. 114

Family Services Administrative Assistant
Paulina Medina
303-295-9470 ext. 106

Family Services Specialist
Josceline Lozoya
303-295-9470 Ext. 105

Adult Education Coordinator
303-295-9470 ext. 108