Fact Sheet: Our Lady of Visitation Mission

Status of Our Lady of Visitation Mission

• Our Lady of Visitation is a Mission of Holy Trinity Parish. It is not a standalone parish.
• A Mission Church is associated with and situated within the territory of a parish designated as a place for divine worship by permission of the ordinary for the benefit of the territorial parish and the community of Christian faithful who gather in it.
• Although the Mission Church may operate under a different name than the territorial parish, generally, the Mission Church has not been individually and civilly incorporated as it necessarily exists under the auspices of the territorial parish.
• The Mission Church does not have a proper pastor assigned to it individually. The pastor of the Mission Church is the pastor of the territorial parish. All sacramental books and records are kept at the territorial parish.

Mass attendance

• For the last 10 years Mass attendance has hovered around 100 people per week.
• Holy Trinity Parish welcomes 3,000 people a week, and offers six Masses, two of which are in Spanish.

Cancellation of the 10:45 am Mass

• Our Lady of Visitation Mission has not been closed. It remains a property of Holy Trinity Parish.
Beginning in May 2017, Holy Trinity Parish ceased offering the 10:45 am Mass at Our Lady of Visitation Mission.
• There are six Masses—including one at 11 am—available for the members of this community every weekend at Holy Trinity Parish, which is less than 2 miles away.
• The cancellation of a Mass at a mission is not a parish closure.
• For the Archbishop to close a parish, he would have issued a decree. There is no decree in this situation, as a parish was not closed.
• Here is a good summary of a parish closure: http://canonlawmadeeasy.com

Mission funds

• The current funds of the mission will continue to contribute to the upkeep of the building.
• Estimates on the deferred maintenance of the building are upwards of $700,000.
• A project was recently completed on the building that replaced the roof.
• It’s been said that the land is worth more than $1 million, and that the Archdiocese has plans to sell the property. This is an unsubstantiated allegation.


• Bishop Jorge Rodriguez summarized the Archdiocesan efforts to dialogue with the community of Our Lady of Visitation: http://denvercatholic.org/note-lady-visitation/

Serving the Hispanic Community

• The Catholic population of the Archdiocese of Denver is more than 50% Hispanic.
• The Archdiocese actively ministers to our large Hispanic community through a variety of programs and services.
• Some 47 parishes or missions offer a total of 86 Spanish Masses every Sunday. Of those, 22 offer more than one Mass in Spanish on Sunday, and 10 offer Spanish Mass during the week.
• The Hispanic Ministry of the Archdiocese of Denver is one of the most active in the United States, widely acclaimed as a model for Hispanic Ministry.
• The Archdiocese runs a pastoral center for Hispanics called Centro San Juan Diego, which offers courses in faith formation, certificates in family ministry, preparation for the GED, university degrees, English language classes, computer classes, legal aid, tax aid, counseling services and many other services, most of them free of charge.
• In 2016, more than 30,000 individuals were served by Centro San Juan Diego.
• The Archdiocese is supportive of the work of 14 movements that minister to our Spanish-speaking faithful in northern Colorado, including the Charistmatic Renewal, which boasts a membership of 4,000.
• Also active in the archdiocese is the Neocatechumenal Way, with nearly 1,000 Spanish-speaking members, the Christian Family Movement, the Christian Life Movement, the Night Adoration Movement, the Apostles of the Word, Marriage Encounter, Christian Cursillos, Prevention and Rescue, Youth for Christ, Christ and I, Knights of Columbus, Kairos, and Endow Latino.

David Uebbing
Interim Director of Communications
Archdiocese of Denver
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