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Natural Family Planning


The Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries currently promotes and sponsors four different live courses and one online course.

If taking these courses for marriage preparation, please note that all of these courses require at least 3 MONTHS of instruction before your wedding, so early registration is important.  Additional time may be needed if your wedding is outside of the Archdiocese of Denver. Read below for further description and registration information on the different options available to you.

***For Marriage Preparation, you need only to complete ONE of the options listed. ***

Recursos en español


“Natural family planning helps couples “to experience the unity and grace that comes from living out marriage the way God intends.”

– Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

Through these courses in Natural Family Planning (NFP), you will learn to understand the natural cycles of fertility and infertility, and grow in your realization of how important and vital these gifts really are. You will appreciate your own fertility as a normal and healthy part of your life and marriage.

Natural Family Planning strengthens the marital relationship. It increases the quality and frequency of communication between the spouses. Couples find that the love and respect they have for each other grows as their understanding and appreciation of their fertility increases.

Natural Family Planning is:
  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Inexpensive to Use
  • Scientific
  • Effective
  • A Shared System between Husband and Wife
All Natural Family Planning courses and methods provide teaching on:
  • The biology of how NFP works
  • Method effectiveness
  • How to make daily observations
  • How to chart
  • The Catholic Church’s teaching on marital love and sexuality

The Sympto-Thermal Method by “The Couple to Couple League” (CCL)

Live Onsite Class or Virtual Option

This course is taught in a classroom setting by a trained CCL teaching couple. The course entails completing the three classes taught in three sequential months, as well as completing two months of personal charting.

The Sympto-Thermal Method is based on changes in a woman’s cervical fluid and basal body temperature, which change in response to the hormones of the menstrual cycle. With this method, a woman takes her temperature at the same time in the morning every day as well as observes her cervical fluid throughout the day and records this information on her chart at the end of each day.

Contacts Near You:

Adrian and Stacey Nagle – Denver
Bobby and Danielle Van Horn – Arvada
Jake and Krista Lasko – Carbondale
John and Kristen Hamill – Broomfield
Set and Elizabeth Timpe – Windsor
Mark and Michelle Linnebur – Byers
Ted & Kimberly Goll – Loveland


This program is offered in the Archdiocese of Denver in EnglishSpanish, and Vietnamese. For questions about Spanish classes call Centro San Juan Diego: 303-295-9470. It is also offered virtually, if location is restrictive.

Please be aware that the self-paced option for CCL is NOT APPROVED for the Archdiocese of Denver marriage preparation. The in-person or virtual courses are approved.

Cost: $135 (plus shipping and handling)

Register OnlineSpanish Instructors

The Creighton Model Fertility Care System

This course is taught in a private one-on-one setting, with a trained FertilityCare Practitioner. The Creighton Model Program includes an introductory session and 5 follow up sessions, spanning 3 months. This completes the marriage preparation course portion. The course highly encourages the couple to complete 3 additional follow up sessions after the wedding (with an additional fee). Each private session provides a chart review.

With this method, a woman observes her cervical fluid throughout the day and records this information on her chart at the end of each day.

The Creighton Model also features NaProTECHNOLOGY, which is a new women’s health science. Both the Creighton Model System and NaProTECHNOLOGY provide a medical framework to evaluate and treat a variety of conditions from which women of reproductive age suffer.

This method is highly recommended for women with gynecological problems (such as PMS, ovarian cysts, irregular cycles, PCOS, or endometriosis) or infertility.

This program is offered in the Archdiocese of Denver in English and Spanish.

Cost: $315 (Includes materials, Introductory Session, and five follow up sessions)



Katia del Socorro Siems, FCP
(classes taught in Spanish)
303-263 -3433
accepting clients

Jolene Stolz, CFCP 303-908-3356
accepting clients

Juliette Frueh,FCP 303-884-8751
accepting clients

Amy Mintz, FCP 303-550-7345
accepting clients
Debbie Perry, CFCP 
accepting clients



Jennifer Williams, FCP
not accepting clients


Kathleen Morroni, FCP
accepting clients

Ann Walker, FCP
accepting clients


Christina Coughlan, FCP
accepting clients

Jennifer Traughber, FCP
accepting clients

Englewood/Littleton/Highlands Ranch


Britta Conway, FCP (DTC area)
accepting clients

Bella Natural Women’s Care
Caitlin Burnett, RN, FCP
Desirae Trujillo, FCP


Kate Wurtz, FCP
not accepting clients

Highlands Ranch

Alisha Martin, FCP
accepting clients

Dannielle Rudolph, FCP
accepting clients

Other Colorado FertilityCare Practitioners

Fort Collins

Denise Smith, FCP
accepting clients

Lisa Applegate, FCP
accepting clients

Lindsay Bertles, FCPI
accepting clients


Ellen DeVilbiss, FCP
accepting clients

Keenesburg (Greeley & Ft. Morgan)

Sarah Dwyer, FCP
accepting clients

Steamboat Springs

Nissa Brodman, FCPI
accepting clients

The Billings Ovulation Method

This course is taught in a private setting, one-on-one with a certified teacher. The course consists of an introductory session, which provides primary instruction on the method and 5 follow up sessions spanning over 3 months. These follow up sessions occur every two weeks and include personalized instruction and chart reviews. Additional sessions are recommended following the wedding.

The Billings Ovulation Method is based on the primary observation of sensation as well as observed cervical fluid. This method has four simple rules that are applied within the woman’s cycle (the first three rules are used before ovulation and the fourth rule is applied once the fertile phase is over), based on a couple’s desire to achieve or postpone pregnancy.

This program is offered in the Archdiocese of Denver in English and Vietnamese.

Cost: $175 (Includes materials, Introductory Session, and five follow up sessions)

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The Marquette Model

This course is taught by a nurse instructor in a private setting.  The course consists of three classes taught in three sequential months.  It also includes two private chart reviews.

The Marquette Model is a Hormonal Fertility Monitoring method that uses ovulation test strips and an electronic fertility monitor, such as the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor.  This method has three approaches to the program.  A couple can choose to use either:

  1. an electronic hormonal fertility monitor along with a fertility formula to estimate the time of fertility, or
  2. cervical fluid monitoring along with a fertility formula to estimate the time of fertility, or
  3. the combined use of a hormonal fertility monitor along with cervical mucus as a means to estimate the time of fertility.

Please keep in mind that the fee for the course does not include the cost of the fertility monitor and the monthly cost of ovulation testing strips.

This program is offered in the Archdiocese of Denver in English.

Cost: $175 (Includes three Follow Up Sessions, two Chart Reviews, additional Follow Up Sessions for one year)

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SymptoPro Fertility Education

Self-paced Online

Note:  To take this course for marriage preparation the couple must have their pastor’s pre-approval before starting the course.

This course teaches the Sympto-Thermal Method.  It is based on 3 primary observations: sensation, observed cervical fluid, and waking temperature.  With this method, a woman takes her temperature at the same time in the morning, observes her cervical fluid and sensation during the day, and records this information on her chart at the end of each day.  This course takes approximately 3 months to complete. To complete this course you must complete 3 learning sessions, quizzes, 3 follow up forms, and 2 months of charting.

You are assigned a personal instructor that accompanies you throughout your course, answers questions, and reviews your quizzes and follow up forms to ensure successful learning.  They are available to you by email, phone or video conference.

It is preferred that couples learn NFP in a live teaching environment, although that is not always possible,  In certain cases, this learning option is available, for example, for couples who: live in different cities/states, don’t have live NFP classes in their area, have opposite work schedules

Cost: $120 (plus materials)

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NFP-Only Doctors in the Archdiocese of Denver

The following Catholic physicians are trained in reviewing a couple’s chart as a means of evaluating their gynecological health and fertility.  These doctors do not teach couples how to chart NFP.  Please go to NFP methods listed in left-hand column for NFP charting courses. None of these doctors prescribe contraceptives as a method of family planning or as a means of treating health issues.

Our Lady of Hope Clinic
Dr. Edwin Anselmi, Family Practice/OB
7960 S. University Blvd. Suite #203
Centennial, CO 80122

Integrated OBGYN
Dr. Megan Woodman, OB/GYN
9397 Crown Crest Blvd. Suite #220
Parker, CO 80138

Bella Natural Women’s Care
Dr. Kathleen McGlynn, OB/GYN
Abby Sinnett, MSN, WHNP-C
180 E. Hampden Ave, Suite #100
Englewood, CO 80113

Associates in Family Medicine
Dr. Monica Serrano-Toy, Family Practice
2121 E. Harmony Road Suite #370
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Pine Ridge Family Medicine
Dr. Rachel Langley, DO, IBCLC
9362 Grand Cordera Parkway, Suite 210
Colorado Springs, CO 80924

Big Life Integrative Health
8683 E. Lincoln Ave. Suite 110
Lone Tree, CO 80124
(303) 952-8832