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Play Like A Champion Today Sports Ministry

Play Like A Champion TodayTM Sports Ministry

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools has implemented the Play Like A Champion Today Sports as Ministry initiative in partnership with the University of Notre Dame. All coaches that are involved with the Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL) are required to attend the “coaches workshop” designed specifically for coaches. The Play Like A Champion TodayTM (PLC) Educational Series for coaches is research-based, child-centered curriculum designed to:

    • Help us recognize the spiritual nature of sports;
    • Train youth sport coaches to be effective ministers; and
    • Promote the moral and character development of our youth.

The PLC approach is based on four simple steps that will allow children to GROW. We believe that coaches must:

1.  Develop specific Goals and a mastery orientation to achieve them;
2.  Foster Relationships between and among all individuals and parties involved in the sporting event;
3.  Nurture a sense of Ownership by giving opportunities for decision-making; and
4.  Promote Winning the “right way.”

Beginning in October of 2012, the Play Like A Champion Today Sports as a Ministry initiative for parents is being offered to parents of Catholic schools students in the 5th grade. Similar to the coaches program, the parent program is a research-based, child-centered approach to youth sports designed to help Catholic youth sports programs reflect the gospel values. Through participation in the parent workshop, parents will come to:

    • Understand the current culture of youth sport.
    • Explore the spiritual nature of sports and the Play Like A Champion TodayTM vision.
    • Learn techniques to become a Champion Sports Parent.