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A Labor of Love: Local teacher works to welcome students with disabilities

“It doesn’t feel like work often. It’s such a labor of love. And I feel like God multiplies my time.”

Eileen Haniszewski

Education has long been a key component of the Church’s mission, with thousands of Catholic schools across the globe forming future saints.

Thanks to dedicated people like Eileen Haniszewski, the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal Disciple of the Month, archdiocesan schools are building communities that serve all of God’s children.

A true calling, Haniszewski’s work is directed by God, with his grace flowing from prayer, especially from her team’s time in daily Eucharistic adoration, out to all of those she serves.

“It doesn’t feel like work often,” Haniszewski shared. “It’s such a labor of love. And I feel like God multiplies my time. There are things that happen within the school day that shouldn’t be able to be finished, but they are somehow.”

“It is a beautiful obligation that we have as Catholics to educate all children and to support their families in the education and raising up of what others might perceive as a really challenging situation,” she continued. “We could only be so blessed to be invited into a covenant with a family that could trust us with the education of the most precious children, which are those kiddos with profound needs. God just provides.”

In recognition of her incredible dedication to all of God’s children, Eileen has been recognized as this month’s Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal Disciple of the Month. Thanks to her compassionate service, countless children have come to know Jesus more personally through the gift of Catholic education.

Congratulations, Eileen, for being the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal Disciple of the Month!

If you know someone else who is courageously spreading the Gospel, please share his or her story with us at and they may become the next “Disciple of the Month.”

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