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The "Three Margaritas" of All Saints Parish

“The priests are amazing and inspirational, so it makes you want to come to church and help others.”

Gerri Lopez

At All Saints Catholic Parish in Denver, a family trio known as the “Three Margaritas” – Laura Salazar, Gerri Lopez, and Denise Salazar – have become the vibrant hearts of the church’s community.

Named by Monsignor Peter Quang Nguyen, the trio embodies the qualities of the daisy: bright, cheerful, and resilient. For 20 years, they’ve dedicated themselves to making All Saints a welcoming and nurturing community. Their efforts, from maintaining the church grounds to leading the homebound ministry, have made them indispensable.

Serving as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, sacristans, and prayer group leaders, they visit over 20 homebound individuals weekly, bringing faith and comfort to those who cannot attend Mass.

For Laura, the journey began during a personal struggle. “I was trying to find a church because I was going through some major changes in my life,” she explained. “I started to get involved and helped wherever I could.”

The trio’s dedication has seen their community expand beyond belief. “We call them our parish family,” said Gerri Lopez. “The priests are amazing and inspirational, so it makes you want to come to church and help others.”

Denise Salazar, confirmed at All Saints, considers it her home away from home. Her involvement began when her niece, Denise, signed her up to work at Gabriel House, now Marisol Family.

In recognition of their devoted service, Laura, Gerri, and Denise have been named the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal Disciples of the Month. Their story is a testament to the power of service and the profound impact of a supportive faith community.

Congratulations, Laura, Gerri, and Denise!


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