Office of Communications

The role of the Office of Communications is to advance the message of the Archbishop of Denver and to serve as an information outlet for communicating the mission of the Church of Northern Colorado to broader audiences.

Contact us via email or by phone at (303) 722-4687.

The ordination of Bishop Jorge Rodriguez

A host of bishops and our entire presbyterate gathered to pray for the newest successor to the apostles.

Press Releases

Statement on false claim regarding Charlie Johnston’s messages

PRESS RELEASE: Feb. 15, 2017 Contact: Karna Swanson Executive Director of Communications 303-945-9136 Mrs. Beckie Hesse, using the online […]

Archbishop to place freed slave on path to sainthood

PRESS RELEASE: Dec. 15, 2016 Contact: Karna Swanson Executive Director of Communications 303-945-9136 Mass to launch canonization process of […]

Mensaje a la comunidad hispana inmigrante de los obispos de la Arquidiócesis de Denver (with English translation below)

Muy queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo de la comunidad hispana inmigrante: Sabemos que con el resultado de las elecciones […]

Statement on so-called Catholic Masses

It is the case that Christian services that appear to be Catholic Masses, but in actuality are not, are celebrated within […]

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The Team

Executive Director – Karna Swanson
Director of Denver Catholic Media – Andrew Wright
Director of Marketing & Services – Joshua Karabinos
Advertising Manager – Michael O’Neill
Operations Manager – Kelly Seeman
Editor of El Pueblo Católico – Carmen Villa
Graphics Specialist – Filippo Piccone
Creative Production Specialist – Patrick Finegan
Digital Services Specialist – Brett Bussen
Communications Specialist – Morgan Rosand
Content Specialist – Aaron Lambert
Writer, Denver Catholic – Therese Aaker
Bilingual Specialist – Mavi Barraza
Office & Service Directory Coordinator – Cynthia O’Neill
Outside Sales Representative – Kim Grace
Part-time Sales Representative – Clemente Carballo

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