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“We’re all broken and looking for God to speak to us through someone. Sometimes, the person uplifts me and says exactly what I needed to hear.”

Father Tony DavisSt. Stephen Catholic Church, Glenwood Springs

We don’t know when or how Jesus will approach us with his message of forgiveness and love. It might be through a co-worker, or a stranger in line at a grocery store, or your Uber driver. Deacon Marc Nestorick works as an outreach manager for Catholic Funeral  and Cemetery  Services at Mount Olivet by day, but on the weekends he works as an Uber driver to help support his children’s college tuition. The job became a bit of second calling one night three years ago that he remembers well.

He picked up a gentleman who appeared quite intoxicated and was swearing a lot on the ride. It turned out to be a long trip, but about half-way through, the man started talking about God. The conversation turned to Mary and the man made the claim that Catholics worship Mary.

Nestorick explained that this was not true. The man questioned Nestorick’s credibility, and Nestorick explained it was because he was Catholic. The two men talked about faith and misconceptions and by the time the man reached his destination, he asked Nestorick to pray for him. Nestorick said he would oblige, but asked, “why don’t we pray together?”

This conversation that began difficult, became beautiful, and it gave Nestorick — a self-described introvert who admits he’s as broken as the next guy — the courage to continue to take the risk and spread Christ’s message.

Since that night, Nestorick keeps himself open to make the most of the opportunities God places in his Uber car. He says about half the people don’t want to talk while they ride to their destination, but the other half will strike up a conversation. He is respectful but is open to those “God moments.”

Nestorick said no one has ever been hostile and he has a 4.9 star from nearly 500 ratings. Only once did someone give him a single star.

His favorite scripture quote is Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

“We’re all broken and looking for God to speak to us through someone,” Nestorick said. “Sometimes, the person uplifts me and says exactly what I needed to hear.”

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