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Why is he here?

Why do we find this man nailed to a cross? You may have seen this image countless times, you may even know it well, but do you understand the why and truly know the story? Do you know the greatest love story ever told? Whether you’ve been a Christian your entire life, believe in a different spirituality, or don’t have faith at all, we invite you to take time and hear the story with an open mind. The booklet that may have brought you to this page gives you a quick overview of The Story in 4 words – Created, Captured, Rescued, and Response. Below are resources that dive deeper into those 4 parts of the story.

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During Advent 2021, we recorded a series of homilies on each part of the story over 5 weeks. The video below introduces the story before diving into the 4 parts:


Why is there something rather than nothing?

God created the universe, in all its extraordinary expanse, for an incredibly specific purpose: because he wanted each human person to know life to the full and the freedom that comes from God’s love.

READ: Created by love, made for mission


Why is it all so messed up?

The Devil, out of envy and driven by hatred for humanity, tempted us to Fall. Sin and Death came to reign over humanity, enslaving us into a captivity from which we have no hope of saving ourselves.

READ: Captured in need of a rescuer


What, if anything, has God done about it?

Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to get his world back. The apparent total victory of evil in the killing of God on the Cross was actually Christ’s way of conquering Sin and Death forever.

READ: Rescued and redeemed, fought for and freed


How should I respond?

God asks for two things: our gratitude and our surrender to his will. We know he loves us and only wants what is best for us. Pray that God will show you what he wants for your life. And only then, act.

READ: A response of love, because he first loved us

Interested in more reading? The language above is borrowed from Father John Riccardo’s presentation of the Gospel in his retreats and writing. The Archdiocese has been blessed to be working with Father Riccardo and his apostolate Acts XXIX for the last year. We recommend his book, Rescued: The Unexpected and Extraordinary News of the Gospel, for going deeper into these concepts.