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“Sister Magdalit has the necessary qualities, prudence and expertise to help carry forth this important task.”

– Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

Sister Magdalit is French-Canadian and has served as a consecrated sister of the Catholic Community of the Beatitudes for 28 years. Sr. Magdalit has done extensive study into Jewish history, tradition, Sacred Scripture and Biblical Hebrew, and has been drawing on that expertise to teach about Judaism in parishes and schools. Sr. Magdalit has lived 12 years in Jerusalem and has been guiding pilgrimages there for over 20 years.

Her Community is comprised of 190 brothers (among whom 110 are priests), 310 consecrated sisters, and 350 Lay members.  Communities are spread in 50 houses, in 30 countries, and on 6 continents. This Ecclesial family is committed to the New Evangelization of St. John Paul II, its spirituality is Eucharistic and Marian, inspired by the Carmelite tradition and living out the spirit of the Beatitudes. It also promotes the teaching of the Church on Israel.

Sr. Magdalit was born in Montreal in 1963. She graduated from Ottawa University in Art and from the Conservatory of Theatre in Montreal. In 2000 she earned a diploma in Spiritual Theology from the Teresianum Pontifical Institute in Rome. She graduated in Theology from Strasbourg University in 2014. Daughter of a diplomat, and a social worker, she grew up encountering many different cultures, languages, and religions. This prepared her for interfaith ministry.

Sister lives in Denver, at the Parish entrusted to her Community: St Catherine of Siena, and serves as a spiritual director, teacher and house keeper. Sr. Magdalit was appointed The Liaison for the Jewish Community in the Archdiocese of Denver in April 2014. She has developed a ministry talking to Catholics about the Jewish identity of the Christian faith, and to Jews about Catholicism post-Vatican II.

Cell: 720.301.3712