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Novena During Sickness


Our Lady of Monte Berico, Novena – Intercessor and protector in moments of plague

O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of God and my Mother Mary, I thank you that you have deigned to appear on Monte Berico and I thank you for all the graces you grant here to those who turn to you. Nobody ever prayed to you in vain. I, too, resort to you and beg you by the Passion and Death of Jesus and by your pains: welcome me, o’ merciful Mother, under your mantle, which is a maternal mantle; grant me the particular grace that I ask of You [Protection and healing from the Coronavirus for all members of our Catholic schools and Churches in the Archdiocese of Denver, and all citizens of our city, state, country, and world] and protect me from all evil and especially from sin which is the greatest evil.

Oh make, oh Mary, my Mother, that I always enjoy your loving protection in life and even more in death and then come to see you in heaven and to thank and bless you forever. Amen.

Madonna of Monte Berico, pray for us.

O sweet Virgin, pious mother of love,
Like this Ave rising from the heart.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria
Ave, ave, ave, Maria

O Virgin, shine as a star in the sky,
Motherly defend your faithful children.
Ave, ave, ave Maria
Ave, ave, ave, Maria

Day 1

For an end to the coronavirus.

Day 2

For all those suffering throughout the world from the coronavirus: That they may know Jesus is with them in their suffering and that they may be healed.

Day 3

For all nurses, doctors and health care workers: We place them in the hands of the Father, that they may be protected and blessed in their care for the sick.

Day 4

For Catholics who suffer the Cross in not being able to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist out of charity for their neighbor: That they may join their suffering to Christ and pray for the conversion of the world and an end to the coronavirus.

Day 5

For those Catholics whose hearts have become indifferent to the Eucharist: That the Lord will stir into flame their hearts with a deep desire and love for the Eucharist as the place of encounter with Jesus and his unconditional love for them.

Day 6

For priests throughout the world who anoint the sick and care for the dying: That they may be protected by the intercession of Our Lady of Berico.

Day 7

That the Lord will pour forth his Holy Spirit upon scientists, granting them knowledge and wisdom as they search for a vaccine and cure for coronavirus.

Day 8

That the Lord will guide with his Holy Spirit, civil and church leaders, and the decisions that they must make concerning the coronavirus and the common good.

Day 9

That through the intercession of Our Lady of Berico and St. Joseph, the plague of coronavirus may come to an end.