Office of Minor and At-Risk Adult Protection

Child, Youth and Adult Safety Resource Center


Safe Environment Class Handouts & Videos

Signs of Abuse, Neglect, and Grooming/ Señales de  alerta de abuso y negligencia infantil
Guide To Identifying Elder Abuse/ Señales de Alerta de Abuso de Ancianos (NCEA)
AOD Policies Handout
You Dial the Number; We Make the Call -CO Human Services PSA video
What Happens After I Report? – CO Human Services PSA video

Archdiocesan Documents

Code of Conduct 2020 v1.3/ Código de Conducta 2020 v1.3
Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People/ Estatuto para la Protección de Niños y Jóvenes
How to Report Child or Elder Abuse/ Cómo Reportar Sospechas de Abuso y Abandono: Un Recurso Informativo