The Catholic Church of Northern Colorado

The Archdiocese of Denver proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ, celebrates his Sacraments, and exercises his works of mercy, so that all might participate in his salvation and discover the lasting joy of a relationship with him.

Peace, Love, and Co-Existence Among the Children of Abraham

The PLACE initiative seeks to unite the voices of Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders against religious intolerance and violence against any ethnic or religious group.

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Gospel for 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept. 21

25th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME – MATTHEW 20:1-16 The parable of the owner of the vineyard going out to hire […]

Sept. 14 Exaltation of Holy Cross

SEPTEMBER 14 – FEAST OF THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS – JOHN 3:13 – 17 Shortly after the cessation […]

Gospel for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept. 7

23rd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME – MATTHEW 18:15-20 This entire Chapter 18 is devoted to teaching concerning the relations between […]

Gospel for the 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time

22nd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME – MATTHEW 16:21-27 Jesus has just ordered His disciples to tell no one He is […]

Safe Environment Training Classes

Registration is required for all Called To Protect™ sessions in order to ensure adequate seating and a sufficient amount of […]

Gospel for 21st Sunday Ordinary Time

21st SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME – MATTHEW 16:13-20 Jesus’ ministry has been highly successful if one judges success from the […]

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