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With great sadness and anguish, the world has witnessed the beginning of a violent Russian invasion of Ukraine and its people. Sadly, once again humanity has listened to the voice of the evil one, who brings hatred, confusion, division, and war rather than the peace of Christ. Only in listening to the voice of God will true peace and justice come. I join Pope Francis in calling on all people to pray and fast for peace and an immediate end to this time of war.

My prayers today are with the Ukrainian and Russian people. I pray for their safety and peace of heart, for their conversion, and for Vladimir Putin to immediately withdraw his troops and cease all strikes.

I ask the priests in the Archdiocese of Denver to pray the Mass in Time of War and Civil Disturbance during these days ahead, including this coming Sunday, and I encourage the faithful to pray the Rosary each day and offer their prayers and fasting for world peace and the conversion of the world.

As we approach this Lenten season, let us be reminded that Christ alone can deliver us from this broken world, from the evil one who has captured the hearts of so many. Our hope and trust is in Jesus our Lord and Savior who alone can give true peace!