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Transcript Requests


Individuals must present their request for a copy of their transcripts in writing. The Archives at the Archdiocese of Denver will accept transcript request forms from other schools, or individuals may use the one developed by the Archives Office. Individuals must include a photocopy of a government issued id and transcripts will only be released to the individual or their designee with written permission.

Allow up to two weeks to process a transcript request.

Download Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Transcript Fee
The Archives charges $10.00 per copy for transcript requests. These fees are waived for the Department of Corrections or any organization associated with the penal system serving inmates who are working on their education while incarcerated.

Closed Archdiocesan High Schools
Microfilm of transcripts are available for the following closed Archdiocesan high schools that may or may not have been associated with a specific parish:

Annunciation 1943-1968
Cathedral 1943-1973
Central Catholic 1973-1982
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 1955-1968
St. Francis de Sales 1944-1973
St. Joseph 1934-1973

Sacred Heart High misc. transcripts from the high school are available please call archives for more details.

St. Mary’s Adult High School

Microfilm of transcripts are available for any individuals who earned a degree at Ft. Carson, Colorado or Ft. Lewis, Washington as part of St. Mary’s Adult High School. For transcripts from St. Mary’s High School in Colorado Springs please contact the Diocese of Colorado Springs 719-636-2345

If you require GED information, please contact the Colorado Department of Education: 303-866-6613

St. Euphrasia High School (Also called Newville Center for Girls)
Misc. transcripts are now housed at the Archdiocese of Denver, please contact for more details.

PACE Program
Very few transcripts from the PACE program at Central Catholic High School have survived so please call the archives before requesting anything from this program.

Closed Archdiocesan Elementary Schools
For recently closed elementary schools in Denver associated with a parish; the student records are stored at the parish. You must contact the parish to get a copy of elementary school transcripts except where noted. Please note some of the older transcripts have not survived. Closed elementary schools in Denver include:

All Saints *housed at archvies 1978
Cathedral *housed at archvies 1965
Cure D’Ars *housed at archives 1974
Holy Cross *transcripts no longer exist 1982
Holy Family *housed at archives 2003
Holy Rosary 1968
Holy Trinity *housed at parish 2020
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel *housed at archives 1968
Presentation of Our Lady *housed at parish 2015
Sacred Heart *transcripts no longer exist 1979
St. Anthony of Padua Denver *housed at archives 1968-closure only 1980
St. Anthony of Padua Sterling *housed at parish 2016
St. Cajetan *housed at archives 1970
St. Catherine of Siena *housed at parish 2020
St. Dominic *housed at archives 1973
St. Elizabeth of Hungary 1968
St. Francis de Sales *housed at parish 2021
St. Ignatius of Loyola *housed at parish 2010
St. John the Evangelist *housed at the archives up to 1969 1981
St. Joseph CsSR *housed at archives 1966-closure only 1993
St. Joseph Polish 1971
St. Louis *housed at parish 2016
St. Mary Magdalene 1979
St. Patrick’s *housed at archives 1972
St. Philomena *housed at archives 1981

Other Closed Schools
There are several schools in the Denver Metro area that have closed in the past, but their records are not kept at the Archdiocese of Denver, Office of Catholic Schools. The following schools are closed and the records are kept at a different location. A person requesting copies of transcripts must contact the organization listed.

Mary Crest High School

Mt. St. Gertrude Academy/Boulder
Mt.CarmelBVM Center
1100 Carmel Drive
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Closed Schools Private non-affiliated
The following schools were private and independently operated, not affiliated with the Archdiocese of Denver, location of their transcripts is unknown

Colorado Catholic Academy, Our Lady of the Rosary Academy, Notre Dame High School