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Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee

March 17, 2022: HB22-1279 – Reproductive Health Equity Act

“Human life is a gift. For Christians, we believe it is a gift from God.

Our very being is an expression of the love God has for us—the Lord loves us into existence, and his love speaks to the worth of the human person. We take the gift of life seriously because each human being is a unique creation of God the Father. At conception, we receive the gift of life, and lay claim to the right of life, which is bestowed by God and not by the government. The government’s duty and task is to recognize the right to life and to protect life, if it is truly a just government.

But abortion denies that gift to some babies. It denies that basic right. It makes government god, and governments can change for good or for evil, depending on who is in charge. Abortion has become an idol which is tragic for it promotes evil rather than the common good and the truth of the dignity of human life.

When an abortion is performed, we proclaim that we know better than God. We disregard his wisdom, for he taught us that we should never kill innocent human beings. We proclaim that we do not want or need a gift from God.  And in doing so, we seek to make ourselves more powerful than God. We seek to make ourselves God.

Many of you, like the abortion industry, have tried to tell us that we can choose which lives have value. That we can select which lives are worth living. That we can decide which humans – created by God – get to come into this world.

But we are not God. That is not our decision to make.

When I was in college, working in hospitals, I witnessed two abortions. Two tiny humans being destroyed by violence. The memory haunts me. In the abortions I witnessed, powerful people made decisions that ended the lives of small, powerless, children. Through lies and manipulation, children were seen as objects. Women and families were convinced that ending a life would be painless, and forgettable. Experts made arguments that the unborn were not people at all, that they could not feel pain, and were better off dead. I witnessed the death of two small people who never had the chance to take a breath. I can never forget that. My faith was weak at the time. But I knew by reason, and by what I saw, that a human life was destroyed. I learned what human dignity was when I saw it callously disregarded.

And so today I implore you. Do not fall into the temptation of trying to give yourself the power of God. Please, do not pass this bill that will deny his most wonderful gift to so many innocent, unique, unrepeatable, and beautiful lives.

Thank you, and may God bless you.”