Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation Materials

The Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries is incredibly excited to provide you with several dynamic new resources with the express purpose of further supporting your important work with engaged couples while preparing them for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Created to support Archbishop Aquila’s “Instruction Concerning Education in the Theology of the Body and Natural Family Planning,” these new materials have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by multiple parish Directors of Marriage and Family Life, clergy, as well as staff at the St. John Vianney Seminary and include the Archbishop’s provisions that “all couple’s preparing for marriage shall receive an introduction to the Church’s teaching on conjugal love” and “marriage preparation classes will provide at least one-hour of education in the Theology of the Body.”

The following materials are available:

  • Marriage Preparation Materials
  • Marriage Preparation Materials
  • Marriage Preparation Materials
To order any of these materials please call the Office Of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries at:

1) Marriage Preparation Brochure

This is a beautifully designed, easy to read guidebook for engaged couples, leading them through the primary steps within marriage preparation.
See the Brochure in detail here.

EnagedCouples22) Marriage Preparation Guidebook – Engaged Couples
This guidebook was created in a magazine-style format to provide engaged couples relevant information throughout the marriage preparation process, such as: a checklist to keep them on track, information about marriage paperwork, the FOCCUS Inventory, Marriage Prep Programs, Natural Family Planning methods & courses, planning the wedding ceremony, frequently asked questions, and more…
See the Engaged Couple Guidebook here.

Preparers copy

3) Marriage Preparation Guidebook – Preparers
This guidebook was created for priests, deacons, and/or lay staff leaders. It was created to include additional resources and information that is helpful to the preparer for leading marriage preparation. It includes information about how to use the FOCCUS Inventory, key elements for a parish-based marriage prep program, natural family planning information, incorporating Theology of the Body into a marriage prep program, and more… See the Preparer’s Guidebook here.

4) Theology of the Body – 1 Hour Video
This is a one hour video on the Theology of the Body for Engaged Couples. It walks couples through an engaging presentation on the importance of how “building the house” of their relationship on the solid foundation of the Church’s teaching can give them years of happiness together.
See a clip from the video here.

5.) Theology of the Body – Video Uses & Discussion Questions
This two page document provides some ideas about how to use the 1 hour video, as well as discussion questions for each of the 12 video segments.  These questions can assist the Preparer in facilitating meaningful discussion around the various topics introduced in the video.
You can download the “How to Use the Video” questions here.


The following is a sample from the Theology of the Body – 1 Hour Video.


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PDF Samples:

Preparation for Holy Matrimony Brochure:

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Preparation for Holy Matrimony Engaged Couple Book

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Preparation for Holy Matrimony Preparer’s Book

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