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Family Resources

Family Life

Below are a number of different resources intended to help you and your family grow closer together in Christ!

“If the Church is to succeed in bringing the good news about the joy of marriage and the family to the world, she must focus all of her energies on rejuvenating families and helping them become the first school of Christian life where children witness their parents reflecting the generous, sacrificial love of the Trinity.”
(Family: Become What You Are, Pastoral Letter, Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L., 2014)

Pastoral Letter on Family by Archbishop Samuel Aquila

The Church worldwide has focused on the family for the past ear at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family (2014) and the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family (2015) as well as the World Meeting of Families (2015). This pastoral letter written by Archbishop Samuel Aquila addresses issues important in family life including the family’s meaning and mission, challenges to the family, and how to live the family’s mission.

Resources on Theology of the Body for Children

Theology of the Body is the topic of a series of 129 lectures given by Pope John Paul II during his Wednesday audiences in St. Peter’s Square and Paul VI Audience Hall between September 5, 1979 and November 28, 1984. There are resources that many parishes use for pre-teens, teens, and adults, and now there are resources for parents to use with younger children. The following resources are designed to be used with children from toddler to age 8.

1. Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body by Nicole Lataif

This resource for Christian faith formation introduces children ages 4-8 to what being human is all about. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or catechist, you will find this resource to be helpful in explaining the concept of a “soul” to your children.

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2. Building Blocks of ToB for Tots (3 Volume Set) by Monica Ashour

“Everybody Has a Body: God Made Boys and Girls”
“Every Body Is Smart: God Helps Me Listen and Choose”
“Every Body Is a Gift: God Made Us to Love”

Young children have questions about their bodies, too. When society says that gender is subjective, how can parents uphold traditional values about the beauty and dignity of the human body? The three board books in the series are ideal for children ages 2 to 5. Simple stories cover topics including gender differences, self-respect, and self-giving. Each book includes a parent note at the end.

3. Building Blocks of ToB for Kids (3 Volume Set) by Monica Ashour

“Every Body Has Something to Give”
“Every Body Has Something to Say”
“God Has a Plan for Boys and for Girls”

“Who am I?” is a question everyone asks, even the very young. In a culture of confused and misdirected values, it is difficult to raise children to understand that they are created in the image of God. These books seek to affirm the dignity of the human person — body and soul — according to God’s plan. Simple stories cover topics including gender identity, body language, and self-giving love. Ideal for ages 4-7.

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4. The Catechist’s Companion K-5 through Ruah Woods

As parents, it’s your deepest goal to help your children grow into people filled with love for themselves and others. To do that, you need to help them understand who God is, who they are, and how they fit into the world. We’re here to give you the clear, simple language and beautiful, accessible, and literature-based resources you need to provide your children with timeless formation—from kindergarten through graduation.

Ruah Woods offers a condensed version of their K-5 curriculum, created for Catechists/Parents to introduce Theology of the Body and is especially geared towards time-constrained Parish Religious Education Programs and/or homeschooling families who may have a limited budget.

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Prayer Resources For Your Family

Praying Together as a Family
Pray a “Collatio” – a lectio divina style prayer around the dinner table.

Praying Together as a Family

Praying as a Couple
One of the most important things a husband and wife can do is pray together! Here is how to get started.

Praying as a Couple

A Month of Dinnertime Conversations
Your family is important! And dinnertime is one of the best opportunities to strengthen your family, learn about each other’s days, and to share and grow in your Catholic faith.


Family-Friendly Scriptural Meditations on the Rosary
The following is a series of meditations on each set of Mysteries of the Rosary. For individuals, simply meditate on a single paragraph before praying the corresponding decade of the Rosary. In family settings, parents can use these paragraphs as entry points for teaching the faith within the home.


Vocational Discernment

A vocation is a call from God to live our lives a certain way. All Catholic parents are called to make their home a “domestic church” where their children meet Christ, grow in virtue, and are prepared for the vocation God calls them to. In our families, how can we encourage an openness to God’s call? Here are 7 steps from Vianney Vocations to help your family get started.

  1. Snuggle up and read a saint story
  2. Watch a movie about a saint or a blessed
  3. Talk about authentic love and defend the sacrament of marriage when it is depicted incorrectly
  4. Play dress up: as priests, nuns and saints
  5. Pray together for more vocations
  6. Talk about vocations
  7. Befriend priests and religious

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For parishes we recommend the book Hundredfold, A guide to Parish Vocation Ministry by Rhonda Gruenewald. Published by Vianney Vocations.

Recommended Computer Filters

Covenant Eyes

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOs, Android, Kindle Fire – For computer/iphones/ipad/ipod

Covenant Eyes is a monthly subscription service that gives you a report of the websites your kids visit, the search terms they use, and the YouTube videos they watch. This service protects them online with a filter that’s tailored to your needs and blocks the Internet completely at certain times a day. This service also protects your family by following you and your family on all the computers, smartphones, and tablets you use.

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Net Nanny

Net Nanny | Allows the Good, Keeps Out the Bad

For computer and android.
Net Nanny is a powerful parental control and internet safety solution that helps parents protect their children and monitor their Internet use.

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